Episode 26: Cashews are the Reason for the Season (Part 1)

December 7th, 2014

Boo and Cat talk about Miller Light from Amato’s, Deb’s Bar & Grill aka Congress Street Bar & Grill, JJ KING, Gordon Ramsey, Bar Rescue, Die Hard, Spider Man Walkie Talkies, Bat attack, white nose disease, Bat Baiting, Christmas cards, Ferdinand, Top 5 Pauly Shore Movies to Make Love To, Cop Stabber, Two and a Half Men, teeth, The Great Christmas Light Fight, Cashews and Coke, Jet Alert, Noyous Joel, Covered in Bees, Joy Division/Bauhaus/Cure, Frannie Peabody Center, Vita-mix, Our Charity Tradition and a whole lot more! Part 1 of 2. 


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